Alexa J.

Fit Leader

Alexa is a CorePower Yoga Sculpt certified instructor. She has always had a passion for all thing’s fitness, especially anything involving weights and cardio. Her involvement in Yoga started off different than most. Despite having an extensive dance background, she was surprised when yoga was more challenging than expected. It wasn’t until she embraced the combination of both the physical and mental components that Power Yoga had to offer that she found balance in her spiritual and wellness lifestyle.

Alexa is passionate about finding simple exercises that challenge the body yet allow full focus and complete immersion in the present. Entering her class, you know you’ll leave feeling strong, motivated, and a little lighter than you started. She is devoted to exploring and teaching others.

Above all, Alexa’s love for fitness and blissful energy radiates into her practice and beyond and she hopes into those who practice with her.