Kailey K.

Fit Leader

What originally brought Kailey into the fitness community was athletics. She’s been an athlete her whole life, trying almost every sport in the book when she was younger, but ultimately stuck with competitive cheerleading. She was an elite cheerleader for 12 years, leading her teams from varsity cheer captain at Pinkerton Academy to president of Plymouth State University cheerleading.

Going into college she never had the plan to become a personal trainer. She knew that she loved fitness and nutrition so she was advised to study Public Health to get a slice of everything involving the health of the public. In 2021 she graduated from Plymouth State University with a Bachelors in Public Health and minors in Business Administration and Health. She obtained her personal trainers certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) while enrolled in Drives 8 week internship contributing to her college degree, ultimately kicking off her career. She has found her passion with fitness and her goal is to spread compassionate energy throughout her work.