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The Drive Method

Our signature hour-long workouts burn calories — and create life-changing results. All programs within The Drive Method are developed in-house to create fitness plans to meet your individual fitness needs.


Your neuromuscular system is about to get a wake up call. Synergy is our strength training group class system that helps you develop and build lean muscle mass. It’s more than just “pumping iron”–it’s challenging resistance programs designed to tone and sculpt your body by working every muscle group to their limits. Discover the strength you’ve been looking for.

  Fuel, isolated muscle group focus, strength only, 10min intervals  |  Drive Burn: 500-1100


MON  Complex X, full-body resistance upper + lower focus |  Drive Burn: 600-1100


TUE  Drive Core, full body resistance + core intervals  |  Drive Burn: 500-1100


WED  Pyramid POD, ffull-body, drop-set resistance training | Drive Burn 400-850


THUR  Diesel, full-body + lower, 4 rounds of targeted push/pull movements  |  Drive Burn: 500-1000.


FRI Lower Body Focus, strength + toning  |  Drive Burn: 500-1000


SAT  Power/Burn, heavy resistance / low rep-range + lighter resistance exercises / high rep-range  |  Drive Burn: 400-850

Mind & Body

Yoga at Drive is all about balance. Our Mind/Body programs blend strength and flexibility, often in heated environments to elevate not only your practice, but how you take it with you out into the world. We have programming options for all levels, and our yoga is customized to compliment existing fitness programs, prevent injuries, and aid in recovery. It’s all about finding your flow.

Power, invigorating + energizing, balanced practice, heated | Drive Burn: 350-900

, slow yoga flow combined with active stretching, for increased mobility + flexibility

Power to Stretch
, a Drive favorite, combines Power Yoga + Recovery

, choreographed breathing and movement for graceful + fun sequences

, traditional power practice + weights for added resistance and intensity

Drive Barre, combines classic Barre + bodyweight exercises with high reps and smaller range of motion | Drive Burn: 400-700

Torch, cardio intervals to tone legs and core while accelerating heart rate to burn body fat | Drive Burn: 600-1400


As a leader in heated fitness, SHRED is one of our most popular programs. Custom designed in-house for a target temperature of 85 degrees to induce heart rate, blood flow, calorie burn, and core temperatures for the entirety of the class–all Shred programs create the environment you need for increased athletic performance or weight management. Are you ready to shred?

SUN  Heated Diesel, full-body + lower, 4 rounds of targeted push/pull movements  |  Drive Burn: 600-1100


MON  Heated Gear-3, resistance + cardio, 3 min circuits |  Drive Burn: 700-1200


 HCC, cardio bursts + core circuits |  Drive Burn: 700-1200


  Heated Fuel, isolated muscle groups, strength only, heated 10min intervals  |  Drive Burn: 600-1200


  HKO, full-body resistance + cardio circuits, heated 1min intervals  |  Drive Burn: 700-1500


  Z80, compound movements + cardio bursts, targeting 80% average heart rate  |  Drive Burn: 700-1400


  Heated C2S, isolated muscle group focus + cardio, heated strength/cardio intervals  |  Drive Burn: 700-1200


It’s all in the name. Knockout is our high-intensity interval training (HIIT) methodology that truly makes an impact. All programs are designed to spike your heart rate for maximum calorie and fat burn, both during and after your workout. The cardio and resistance circuits in Knockout work your full body and feature intervals of varying lengths so everyone can find a class that works for them.

  Full Throttle, isolated muscle group focus + cardio, 6min intervals  |  Drive Burn: 600-1400


MON  Elevate, isolated muscle group focus + cardio circuits, 10min intervals  |  Drive Burn: 600-1400


TUE  KO, full-body resistance + cardio, 1min intervals  | Drive Burn: 600-1400


WED  Power POD, full-body resisted power lifts + cardio/core breakouts,  |  Drive Burn: 600-1400


THUR  C2S, isolated muscle group focus, alternate strength/cardio  |  Drive Burn: 600-1100


FRI  Cardio Core, cardio bursts + core circuits  |  Drive Burn: 500-1100


  Drive Extreme, expect something different every Saturday  |  Drive Burn: 500-1300

The Drive Method

Improve your cardiovascular system, build muscle, burn fat and lose weight through essential full-body warmups, strength and resistance training, yoga, cardio and core, as well as heated classes for full body detoxification.

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