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Form Correction Friday- Bent-over dumbbell row


Welcome back to Drive’s Form Correction Friday, our newest series found on IGTV, YouTube and our Website blog! All your favorite trainers are bringing you new tips and cues on form every single Friday!! TUNE IN as Maddie and Steven break down the correct way to preform 3 different variations of a bent-over dumbbell row! PROPER FORM is CRUCIAL in order to develop and strengthen the muscles of the upper and middle back (the latissimus, lower trapezius, and rear deltoids). This exercise, found in the programming of all studio spaces will also benefit core stabilization and grip strength! Tune in, take notes, avoid lower back pain & bring your improved row form to class!

Even when changing your grip to the high, low, or reverse position the following remains the same…


✅ Feet hips width apart, bend in the knees, hip hinging with chest and torso parallel to the floor

✅ Chest and torso are locked in place- always keeping core tight and leading with elbows

✅ Neutral spine- keeping your chin tucked and eye gaze down