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Another week, another form correction Friday! Episode 2 of our all NEW Drive series found on IGTV, YouTube and our Website blog! All your favorite trainers are bringing you new tips and cues on form every single Friday!!

Today Rob and Caleigh break down a dumbbell goblet squat, one of the most foundational exercises that strengthens the lower body and activates the core! Tune in, take notes, avoid improper form & bring your improved goblet squat form to class!

✅ Feet are hips with apart, toes slightly pointed out and dumbbell position remains directly under your chin while squeezing your elbows in tight throughout the entire movement
✅ Shift your weight into your heels keeping your knees pushed apart from one another dropping down to a 90 degree angle or until your quads become parallel to the ground
✅ Neutral spine- always remembering to BREATHE